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In this movie that we work on Techno Image, i was responsible for modeling, grooming and lookdev of teddy Bear.

Lookdev of Olivia (Main 3D kid), Lookdev and hair of footbal players, and Balloon lookdev refinements.

Client: Lavvi

Agency: Indie
Studio: Techno Image
Direction: Rafael Ghencev
Script: Rafael Ghencev e Rodrigo Mineu
Executive Production: Rodnei Bassani

3D guys:

Teddy Bear modeling/grooming/lookdev, Characters lookdev: Yan Blanco

Characters modeling/uv/blendshapes: Leo Rezende

Olivia hair/hair simulations: Camilo Franco

Balloon modeling/lookdev, water simulation: Eris Soares

Teddy bear lookdev

Characters lookdev

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