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Movie for the opening shows of Rock in Rio 2019.























Direction: Luis Justo e Jean Campos

Project Managment: Edgard Caliman e Jean Campos

Music composed by: Jonathan Diaz (Sogma Productions)

Guitars by: Luigi Pistillo (@luigipistilloproducer)

Animatic: Jean Campos

Modeling: Wemerson Perreira

Shading/Textures and Lighting: Yan Blanco

Layout e Scene Assembly: Edgard Caliman

Rig: Edgard Caliman

Animation: Edgard Caliman

Composition: Rafael Santaella e Jean Campos

Lettering: Rafael Santaella e Rafaella Santaella

Pós Production: Rafael Santaella e Jean Campos

Lookdev Renders:

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